About Spiked Spirit

Welcome! My name is Teresa – you can call me Mother T…or Teresa. The name Spiked Spirit came to me when I was 23 and living in Los Angeles; both of these were tough places to be in life (tough is relative). I have been spiritually connected my entire life, but always had feelings of resentment toward myself when I got off track and did things like spike my drink (no pun intended) or something else “out of character” for me. I beat myself up about this immensely, to the point where these feelings plagued me from doing anything. I was too afraid of the emotional repercussions.

Finally, I decided it’s okay to be both spiritually connected and a free spirit. Every action and experience I have ever had was and continues to be a lesson for my soul. Life doesn’t have to be black or white – in fact, a lot of our adult life is begging us to rewire old habits and beliefs that no longer serve our souls.


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