Discovering the power of Venus with Mother T

Venus, the queen of all that is pure and lovely — sweetly scented, beautiful and ornate. She is often simply known as the planet of love, but she is so much more. In ancient and modern astrology, Venus symbolizes many of the blessings we receive in life.

Join us for an astrology workshop where we explore some of the many gifts of Venus. This planet of harmony tells us how we relate to one another in our personal relationships, and also indicates our artistic tastes and sense of style. During this workshop, you will discover how your personal Venus operates in your chart based on astrological sign, house and likely some lesser known aspects as well. What makes your Venus truly unique?

Who should join?

If you have an interest in astrology, whether it is brand new or a longer relationship, you will likely find this workshop interesting and informative. No formal knowledge is needed. This workshop will be especially useful or fun for those who want to better understand how relationships, pleasure and creativity are derived — through the lens of astrology.

And yes, men are welcome! Venus plays a role in all forms of gender and sexual orientation.

What do I bring?

All you need is a notebook and writing utensil. We will ask for everyone’s birth information and have a chart printed for each participant. Head to to get yours! 

What is included?

This one-hour workshop will include an overview on the role of Venus in astrology, and will also include time for Venus interpretations for each participant. This time will allow you to go deeper with your relationship to Venus, but will likely just be the beginning! If time permits, we will end the class with a short invocation to draw the blessings of Venus to us. Feel free to visit to schedule a one-on-one reading.

Your teacher..

Teresa Gebhardt, the owner of Spiked Spirit, will be your teacher and host for the evening. She works as a part time professional astrologer, where she combines her expertise in traditional and modern astrological methods. She will also be starting a monthly astrological newsletter, where you can stay updated on the current transits. Teresa’s passion in her work is to assist others in recognizing their unique talents, shadow integration, and how to better connect to spirit.

The cost of this workshop is $20 and will go 60 min. Feel free to email me any questions you make have ahead of time ( I.e on love, money, beauty)

My Venmo is @Teresa-Carmel-1  (

As soon as I receive payment I will send you the Zoom Link and Venus Worksheet.

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